Celebrity Eyelash Extension Trends: What’s Hot Right Now?

Eyelash Extension

Who doesn’t want long and luscious lashes? Every woman dreams of having longer, fuller, and fluttery eyelashes, but not everyone is blessed naturally with them. Let’s admit it, we all know the struggle with finding the correct lash mascara and sticking extremely difficult to wear strip lashes. However, there’s always a better solution, and when we are talking about a better solution, it’s none other than “eyelash extension services”. If you wish to have celebrity-like dramatic lashes, or an all-natural look with fluttery, glamorous lashes, extensions can work effortlessly for you. Want to decrease time getting ready every morning or feel extra glamorous for vacation or special events with natural-looking lashes? Here are the hottest eyelash extension trends among celebrities right now!

1. Wispy Lashes for a Natural Look

Well, this is one of the most sought-after eyelash extension trends among celebrities. Characterized by lightweight and feathery lashes that taper at the ends, wispy lashes create a natural yet fluttery effect ideal for every occasion and look. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have been spotted rocking this trend on and off their red carpet, and you can do that too with wispy lashes enhancing your eyes with subtle elegance. 

2. Bold and Dramatic Volume

If you prefer a more dramatic flair, bold volume lashes are the go-to choice. Bold lashes involve applying multiple lightweight lash extensions to create a glamorous and voluminous look, and celebrities such as Aishwarya Rai Kareena Kapoor are known for flaunting their voluminous lashes while making a statement with their enchantress gaze. 

3. Cat Eye Lashes for a Sultry Effect

Also known as winged or feline lashes, this lash option has been making waves in the celebrity beauty scene. So, cat-eye lashes feature longer extensions at the outer corners of the eyes, creating a winged effect that accentuates your natural eye shape and adds a touch of allure. Several well-known celebrities like Taylor Swift have embraced their trend to channel old Hollywood glamour with a modern twist, and you can rock that look too!

4. Textured Lashes for Dimension

Do you want to get a natural-looking, multi-dimension look for your lashes? If the answer is yes, it’s high time you gravitate towards textured lashes. Professionals can combine different lengths and thicknesses to create a dynamic effect. From fullfy and soft to structured and defined, textured lashes can add depth and dimensions to your eyes, while enhancing your natural beauty. Many celebrities are known for their stunning textured lashes that elevate their eye makeup effortlessly, and with a little help from professionals, you can get the same lashes for your pretty face. 


This was everything you needed to know about celebrity eyelash extension trends. You can also choose eyelash extensions based on your eye shape. For instance, while different lash types suit almond-shaped eyes, hooded or downturned eyes may require specific considerations to balance their features. Not sure about the kind of eyelash extension your face needs? Go for the professionals and opt for eyelash extension services from Nikky Bawa Beauty Salon today!

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